Airtel 4G service review

Airtel is very well known brand name not just in India but in many nations. They are country’s best providers with others like Vodafone and Idea Cellular. Though Airtel had launched Airtel 4G several months ago but I had been using Reliance broadband for two years but moved to a location where getting Reliance was big deal so I had to move on to something which is better in the locality where I am currently living in, suburbs of Chandigarh, the city beautiful.

Airtel 4G is doing lot of promotions in this area and I got one connection. This is the device which is very cost effective considering the fact that you have battery backup so it can be used on the move, it is light and elegant looking, you can charge it using laptop or directly to the switch board and the best part, upto 10 users can connect using the wifi network.

I think I can only write lot of pros about this device and the connection but the best I would like to mention is its high speed. The downloading speed can go upto 30 MB/sec with uploading upto 5MB/sec. I think this is highly impressive speed and withing the reasonable rates.

If you are not the downloading but lot of surfing person, 10GB plan is what you need but if you are downloading person, 30GB might not suffice to you. The guy who sold me the connection came by and actually connected the device, checked the speed at my location and made sure that I would be satisfied after buying the device. This is the kind of service before sale you need.

Airtel 4G

Lot of other connections are also available at many locations but I think if you are into the city where this 4G is available, you must try this thing. If you are someone who has to be on the move, who has been in temporary living arrangements like on rents and can’t have landline broadband connection, go for Airtel 4G.

Honestly, I saw many people making fun of that Airtel 4G ads and I must admit that what they claim might not be true but the speed is splendid and you will be thrilled to see the downloading speed with torrents. I often get 1MP/sec while downloading through torrents which is something I don’t see commonly in India.


I will conclude that Airtel 4G is a connection value for money. Even if you want to have just the SIM and use it in your phone or other device, you can do so. Only limitation would be your inability to take or make calls. This connection with the plan is exclusively for the device and having it on the phone may not cause you any extra charges but if you are using single SIM device, you might never be able to take calls on your phone because there is no voice facility as of now on this offer. Check it out and share your opinion on it. Let’s know what do you think of Airtel 4G and their service or customer support which again, I found pleasant.

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