Indian Bank: Good Buy Again

Indian Bank as we bought in the past and made good more than 11% profit.

This was because it is trending strongly upside and we must capitalize any possibility when it comes to purchase more of it’s shares.

Indian Bank Share Price Analysis

The price is pulled a bit down and this creates a good opportunity to get into this share and when you are in, stay in and although I would recommend the target price at around 355 or more but you can get out of trade if you are content with at 335 to 340.

The market though moving up yet it has been very unpredictable and all the recommendations of the recent past are still open, do not close any trade in profit or loss just yet until I say because you might be losing big which I do not want at all.

Portfolio, how it looks now:

Share NameBought onBought atSold onCMP/Sold atPercent Profit
Indian Bank2017/07/31313.35Hold313.350
NHPC2017/07/2731Hold30.35-1% (Floating)
ITC2017/07/18284.70Hold285.250.05% (Floating)
IOC2017/07/13381Hold367.65-3.5% (Floating)
Indian Bank2017/07/12296.202017/07/2133111.75%
Total Profit70.04%

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