IOC and Voltas – New Buy

It is been a while the market has been moving only upwards with every passing day.

It is not very easy to find a right share in such times. When markets are rising, we need to wait but for those who are hungry for an opportunity in every situation, they always find the opportunity.

IOC being a govt sector share, has one positive factor and another is that it is providing dividend to it’s shareholders. Also, we can see that the share is in uptrend.

IOC share

There is a slight pullback at 387 and this is the time I would suggest to buy this share.


Another one with almost similar features is Voltas Ltd. It is still in growth, upward trend and I would recommend it as a good buy right now at 645.

From the past shares, I would like to suggest that you exit out from NHPC right now which is at 33.75. This will make us profit of about 8.87%. This share was bought in July and now it is January. We had to hold this one for some time now but I think since it is now growing as sharply, I would exit from it now.

Also, it is at peak and showing signs of reversal. Will buy again if needed and get the opportunity.

Here is our updated portfolio:

Share NameBought onBought/To Buy atSold onCMP/Sold atPercent Profit
Voltas2018/01/04645Hold6450 (Floating)
IOC2018/01/04387Hold3870 (Floating)
Quess Corp2017/11/09800Hold113241.5% (Floating)
VEDL2017/11/24310Hold3399.35% (Floating)
IndiaBulls Housing Finance2017/11/081195.70Hold1184-1.00% (Floating)
IndiaBulls Housing Finance2017/10/311245Hold1184-4.90% (Floating)
Welspun India2017/08/0482.05Hold71-13.41% (Floating)
Quess Corp2017/08/04897.95Hold113226.06% (Floating)
Indian Bank2017/07/31313.35Hold38021.41% (Floating)
ITC2017/07/18284.70Hold261.55-8.07% (Floating)
Total Profit124.37%
NHPC2017/07/2731Hold33.758.87% (Floating)
Adani Ent2017/08/18112.252017/11/0815134.96%
Indian Bank2017/07/12296.202017/07/2133111.75%

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