Juvenile Justice Law Passed by LS

Juvenile Justice Law has been passed finally by the Lok Sabha. It is indeed a good move. We all know that children now are getting more and more intelligent at very young age and that intelligence covers the sexual side as well. So, as the age of the grown is decreasing, the age of criminal offense should also be decreased.

This was a real good step from the government of India as by LS. Ideally, rapes must get to the more horrific results than the murder because murders make the person suffer once but rape makes the person suffer for lifetime. I think death isn’t the solution but over ten years imprisonment followed by death is something we should do.

Anyway, it was excellent gesture from the oppositions and the ruling party to incorporate such law.

The law itself:

Though all the newspapers have reported it but Juvenile Justice Law simply means that now the kids between age 16-18 will be trialed as adults for crimes like murders and rapes. I hope this brings the changes overall.

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