NHPC Share Analysis

The Share market is moving up everyday aggressively and Nifty was closed above 10k for the first time, creating history.

Analyst and I also believe that the market will keep on moving up and up aggressively. You just need to be patient for finding the right share.

Although share market is jumping up and high everyday, we still can find more and more opportunities to invest and make good profits. We already have made 70% profits in just past 3-4 days. Not everyone has accepted my advice but whoever has, would have been reaping profits.

The next share that you can consider buying is NHPC.

NHPC Share



  1. If you look the chart, the share is trending up, moving up which is one reason.
  2. I picked this share due to it’s price, it is Rs 30.70 which is pretty much affordable.
  3. This is govt company share, less reasons to worry even if you want to hold it for long term.
  4. The company has been giving dividend to shareholders, what else we want?

With this buy, we will have 3 shares which are on hold status, one of which is in negative zone but one is trying to move up.


Share NameBought onBought atSold onCMP/Sold atPercent Profit
ITC2017/07/18284.70Hold293.653.0% (Floating)
IOC2017/07/13381Hold373.65-1.93% (Floating)
Indian Bank2017/07/12296.202017/07/2133111.75%
Total Profit70.04%

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