Should You Buy Infosys Share NOW? AND Portfolio So Far

It is been a while I haven’t written anything about share market and it’s analysis. The market has been declining continuously and several shares fallen down with it. Talking about today, Vishal Sikka, CEO of Infosys resigned saying he was under pressure and that made Infosys’ shares plunged to 10% or so. Now, it get’s us to a question, is buying Infosys is a good option? Well, maybe, or maybe not. I guess Infosys buying for short term would be an option but when I see the trend of the share, it simply tells me that from past one year or so, the share is in consolidation phase and it is neither rising, nor falling. I just see it going up and down between 884 which was today’s low to 1095 which was high in past one year. We can say it can go up by some percent and then

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