The perfect solution to Reservation System in India

Reservation System in India has been more of a political thing than personal to any community. Earlier were people from Gujarat, the Patels asking for reservation and now Jat in Haryana asking for it. I am sure it won’t end here. In coming time, several other will demand for reservation. To me, personally, it is more of a political thing and nothing else. Political players (I don’t want to call them leaders anymore) use the reservation system as per their convenience to win the elections or to stir the present government.

Everyone knows what reservation is about and why it was established on first place. It was a great Idea by Dr Ambedkar which has helped a lot for sure but today, it is more of a mess than need. There is a lot of imbalance in the society and if I am not wrong, lot of people are moving abroad because of the lack of resources and opportunities to them.

About recent news, I didn’t follow much of it but I have few highlights that I am aware of – Mob entered the girls’ hostel, mob burnt the whole railway station, burnt public transport buses and several private vehicles, ablazed a mall in Rohtak. After doing all this, they call it a revolution. I am sorry but how do you define a revolution?

I am not a big fan of any specific political leader except for Mr Modi but I think even Mr Kejriwal was better in expressing his anger against the government. At least dharna didn’t harm anyone or any public property or even the private for the last.

They call it revolution

I have read revolutions in Science and in History but I have never read anywhere that entering a girls’ hostel could be a part of a revolution. Such a shameful act and yet we are here with proud asking for reservations. Fortunately I am not a Jat and unfortunately, I am from Haryana. I come from the state that disgusted not just Indians but those tourists who were boarded on a train heading to Chandigarh from Delhi.

Revolution is when you need something that has been yours from ages, not for more and more. And I don’t understand why they need reservation anyway, same goes for Patels. Gujarat has always been the most vibrant, beautiful, rich and decent place. Anyone asked me the best state in India and I answered Gujarat within a blink. Gujaratis are the people having major profits from Share market, diamond business, food business and textile industry. Coming to Jats, they have property so much that you can’t imagine. They don’t need to work if don’t want to for years to come and yet survive. But, they still need reservation, and to have that, they ablazed many private and public property calling it a revolution.


Coming to the solution, we all know that if this reservation is ended and people are brought to the same level to fight, it will please many, still those fall under reservation will be unhapppy. We can’t end the reservation just like that. We can’t make people unhappy who already are reserved for the fact that they are privileged and if taken this privilege back from them, they will reciprocate what Jats or Patels have done recently.

Perfect Solution

My perfect solution would be to change the constitution a little and keep giving reservation to anyone who asks for it – be it Muslims, Patels, Jats or anyone else. You want it, you get it. No fights, no violence, no fires, no crap. In fact, offer and give the reservation away to every community, be it fr votebank play or anything. Keep doing it each year for 5-6 times and eventually everyone will be under reservation.

Those who really are in need will fall under SC/ST and rest will be in OBC. There will not be anything like General category some day. Until that time, I am sure people will start asking for getting into SC/ST category and well, keep giving them what they want. That will get us to a day when everyone will be SC/ST. Voila! Everyone is reserved, everyone is happy. It is just a document, why not give to everyone?

And once it is done, we may or may not get into economically background category which I don’t find a need but that is on the public and government discretion.

Let me know your thoughts.

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