Updating the Portfolio

As from the last postwe bought IndiaBulls Housing Finance which was then trading at 1245, has come down to 1195 today. I would recommend, highly recommend to buy it at this price immediately tomorrow when the market opens up.

Also, we have a seen spike in Adani Ent today which fell back and I would recommend closing this position at 151 which was today’s close. I already have closed this position in my account at 155 but since I am writing now, I would say, let us close at 151.

Also, VEDL is falling sharply, giving us an opportunity to buy again but not just yet. Wait for some more time before we can buy this. The closing happened at 321.90 today and I would buy this for not more than 310/share. But as I said, we will have to wait. I would like to put this one on our waitlist.

With these updates, our portfolio seems like this today:


Share NameBought onBought/To Buy atSold onCMP/Sold atPercent Profit
Quess CorpSpeculating800
IndiaBulls Housing Finance2017/11/081195.70Hold
IndiaBulls Housing Finance2017/10/311245Hold1195.70-3.77% (Floating)
Welspun India2017/08/0482.05Hold67.5-17.68% (Floating)
Quess Corp2017/08/04897.95Hold800.35-10.92% (Floating)
Indian Bank2017/07/31313.35Hold370.4518.20% (Floating)
NHPC2017/07/2731Hold28.00-9.67% (Floating)
ITC2017/07/18284.70Hold265.40-6.7% (Floating)
Total Profit115.50%
Adani Ent2017/08/18112.252017/11/0815134.96%
Indian Bank2017/07/12296.202017/07/2133111.75%

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