Using Social Media responsibly

We all use social media everyday or at least once a week. We use it for staying up-to-date with our friends but not just that, we use it to keep ourselves updated with recent news as well. The only thing I would want to write here about is using social media responsibly.

Social media

Why does Social Media exist:

Why Social Media is built anyway? What is the use? I think it is there because we want to stay updated with our friends, stay connected. They may change locations, phone numbers, other info but still stay connected. Not just connected, we can stay updated by them broadcasting their life, emotions, events and other many things.

I personally don’t share much of my personal information on Facebook where I am most active but my primary ¬†use is to stay updated with what is happening in the world and around me. This is achieved by liking those pages or being in the groups that are inclined with what interests you.

Power of Social Media:

Social Media has a lot of power. This is why I mentioned – use social media responsibly! The power it has is much more than the news channels and paper and anything else. In fact, most of the recent problems that were faced by citizens of this country got solved just by tweeting the concerned ministry. I was amazed to see how people and government is utilizing the social media, how effective this whole thing is and how things are getting changed.

One thing happens at some place and it reaches into trending section and gets media coverage and this is very normal. Through shares and likes, we keep spreading what we believe in or what we appreciate.

Misusing the social media:

Some people do understand the power of the social media and unfortunately they mislead the whole country. One recent incident I would like to quote here is about how Ratan Tata commented that he won’t hire anyone from JNU. I mean it was not in news or anywhere but our social media gurus reached his mind and read what he was thinking; because Ratan Tata himself didn’t make any such statement in public. People create a photo by editing the faces and writing next to it whatever they feel like, no matter if it is a truth or not, please¬†stop this! Use social media responsibly!

What we can do?

Now, there are people who knows how powerful this social media is and how they can use it against the people of this nation. The only thing I would like to suggest here is – not everything people say is the truth. Unless something is being said by someone in public, please don’t comment or follow or like that. You can rather report that page/post and encourage people to do the same and that will kill the page and every notorious activity people are doing on Facebook or other social media.


Please don’t be victim of something that can easily be avoided. Don’t spread rumors by liking or sharing something which you are not sure if is true or not, bare minimum, just think hard if that can be a truth or not. Everyone is saying the same doesn’t make all those everyone wiser than you alone saying something against them all. Trust yourself and your own instincts, they are the best guides.

I follow my instincts, do you follow yours?

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