Webbed – Epilogue

The police officer, Inspector Rohan was searching through all the stuff from the room of this lost college boy, suspected as a terrorist or criminal and found a diary, a torn diary with only first few pages.

Rohan first hesitated to read anything personal but he thought he needed to read it to know anything that might be there useful to track this boy, named Aakash.

Sitting in this boy’s sealed room, he picked up the diary, hid it in his jacket and brought it to his office with him. He couldn’t wait to read about this guy.

This guy who was introvert, lonely, low self-confidence and self-doubting boy who was living a normal life without knowing something huge has planned to be happened in his future life.


This is totally non-edited work. Please do not hesitate to point out any mistakes. I am intended to write a good story, good literature might not be able to get fulfilled during this journey. I hope you enjoy, please subscribe and follow if you liked.

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