Welcome note from Pankaj Dhawan – Its me

Welcome to PankajDhawan.com where I, Pankaj write about stuff that are mostly my own opinion about stuff after personal analysis. There are many things I would like to write and I literally have so much to write that if I keep writing, I might never stop for my whole life. People like me can be called as chatty ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, my name is Pankaj Dhawan and I am from India, a proud Indian. I think expressing yourself by writing is the best practice because this way, you set yourself free and it is powerful because when you are writing, you are not giving away your secrets to anyone to hurt you back, obviously, I am talking about writing a diary which I did a while back when I really needed myself to be shared and couldn’t trust real people. Fortunately, I have real people whom I can rely and share myself. If you ask me what this is about, I would like to write about all the things that I know and interested in – spirituality, business, politics, technology, internet and many other things that I might find around me or I notice.

Don’t forget to read my other blog – Blogeomicsย where I am writing more of on just internet, specially SEO and online marketing, nothing personal opinion there.

I am hoping that all the eyes and mind who are reading this are very much interested in this blog and want to read more. Please subscribe to stay updated and I am open to all the critics and appreciations. This blog is going to be very personal to me and I must say that you commenting on here means we are actually doing the talk so please be in touch!

Thanks for stopping by on this very new spot today which I hope to stay fresh and active.

Love and regards

Pankaj Dhawan