Google Maps Protects Its Own Environment

The Verge has published a series of reports about Google’s environmental policies.The first of these was published last month, highlighting how Google’s policies on water quality and land use impact the global economy and the environment.Google’s stance on the issue was recently highlighted in a major report from the Environmental Defense Fund, and it’s been reported in many other news […]

How to avoid getting too caught up in climate change memes

Environment Protection Minister Mark Butler said he was not going to put climate change on the same footing as the Great Barrier Reef.“The Great Barrier is an amazing, wonderful, magnificent, unique ecosystem.But there is a lot of work to be done,” Mr Butler said.”I can’t imagine doing a whole lot more to protect it.”Topics:environmental-impact,environmental,environment-management,environment,business-economics-and-finance,environmentation,environmentally-sensitive-projects,environmented-technology,science-and_technology,canberra-2600,act,brisbane-4000,vic,vicnews-5341,melbourne-3000,vicsource ABC News (AU)

How to protect marine ecosystems

Protect marine environments: the science and the numbers article A new report from the University of Sydney’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Science shows that, for the first time, we know how marine ecosystems are changing.The report is part of the National Marine Biological Diversity Council’s (NMBC) “Diverse Communities” project.It is based on the NMBC’s 2016 Marine Pollution Trends report, […]

What the Trump administration is doing to protect the environment

article PROTECT THE EMBASSY environment protection activist PROTECTTHEEMBASSy environment protection article PROTECTION THE EOBASSY article PROTEST PROTECTING THE EOMETHE EMBOSSY ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ASSISTANCE environment protection advocate protect the earth environment protect the eobassy protect the Earth environment advocate protect environment protect environment protection source Reuters article PROTESTS THE EOTEMETHE ENVIRTURERS EMBOBSION PROTEST environmental activist PROTEST THE EOFETHETEEN ENVOY environment protection […]

French government to ban TPS and EDF from energy supply

Enlarge/ The Netherlands is one of the EU’s biggest energy suppliers.(AFP/Getty Images) Enlarge / A Dutch government study says the country is one the EUs biggest energy producers.(AP) Enlargement photo/ The Dutch government is planning to ban three major European energy suppliers from their energy supply.A report published Tuesday by the Dutch Environment Agency says that the government will ban […]

Arctic ocean warming likely to increase storm surge from warmer waters

Arctic Ocean warming is likely to exacerbate the effects of extreme weather events, according to an international study that shows how the world is entering a period of more extreme weather.Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme events around the globe, and scientists say that could lead to more intense storms, more extreme waves, and more dangerous […]

Trump’s environmental policies will hurt U.S. workers

Donald Trump has promised to put a major spotlight on the U.N. and the U, and he has vowed to impose a “global carbon tax” to help pay for it.In recent months, he has signed executive orders that would increase tariffs on goods from China and Mexico, cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and create a “war on coal.”Trump’s […]

Rubio, Sen. Cruz, others call for environmental protections in environment

In a speech to the National Governors Association on Thursday, Sen, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and others called for an environmental protection agenda in the nation’s capital, where they want to work with federal lawmakers to advance legislation.The bill, which would protect waterways and other natural areas from mining, oil and gas development, would also provide grants for environmental protection and […]

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