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How to help your children’s schools avoid costly environmental pollution sentence

How to help your children’s schools avoid costly environmental pollution sentence

A sentence that says: “Do not allow the public to see the water sources and the pollution.”

A few months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency put the word “environment” in bold letters on a school playground.

But when we spoke with a school official who was responsible for the wording, we got an unexpected message: “You’re not going to get this,” the official said.

“You’ll be facing fines.”

The official said that the playground was designed to be “environmentally safe,” but that this year, the EPA had taken a closer look.

The EPA has fined schools $6.5 million for water contamination on a playground in Texas that was installed in the early 2000s.

The school district had installed a new playground in the school, but that playground had been left in place.

In order to keep the playground safe, the playground had to be cleaned every three to five days.

The playground was also painted to look like a pond.

In recent months, the district has started cleaning up some of the pollution.

This past fall, the school district cleaned up about 30 percent of the playground’s water, according to a letter the district sent us.

This week, the park district plans to clean up the remaining water by next week.

“We want to be as proactive as possible to reduce the impact on our children’s health and wellbeing,” the school official told us.

“But we also want to make sure we’re not overusing the water that we’ve already spent on this project.”

According to the school system, the state has issued approximately $30 million in fines against schools for water pollution.

We found a number of schools that had been fined more than $1 million in the past decade alone.

And that number is rising.

In a state that has the highest water usage in the country, Texas is a leader in water pollution and is expected to have the highest number of school water violations of any state in the nation by 2020.

“The state of Texas spends more than twice as much on water infrastructure than any other state, according the Water Foundation,” the nonprofit says on its website.

“And while it’s true that the majority of water use is in the Southwest, the water infrastructure is more than 90 percent concentrated in Houston, Austin, Dallas and Houston’s southern suburbs.”

For some of these schools, the clean-up process is taking longer than anticipated.

According to the district, in some cases, the cleaning has taken up to 18 months.

For others, the process has taken just two months.

The school district is concerned that the clean up will result in increased health issues for students.

“Our students will be exposed to chemicals and potentially even the harmful bacteria that can cause illnesses, like the coronavirus,” the district’s statement said.

The district says that it will also spend money to install new sprinklers and filters, but it’s unclear how much the money will be spent on these upgrades.

In response to the environmental pollution, some parents have started a petition demanding that the state investigate the situation.

“We are concerned about the impact that this will have on our child and how long this is going to take,” the petition said.

According to a Texas Department of Education press release, the Texas Department for Education (TDE) is reviewing the situation and will take action.

“TDE is committed to protecting children from water contamination,” the press release said.

In the meantime, we asked TDE for the following information about the school that the district is currently cleaning up: How much water was used?

What are the schools currently using?

What were the environmental restrictions on the playground?

What is the status of the district cleaning process?

The agency responded in an email that it has received the petition and is in contact with the district.

“The state has taken a close look at the situation, and is taking appropriate action, including the possibility of issuing a citation,” the agency said.

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