Arctic ocean warming likely to increase storm surge from warmer waters

Arctic ocean warming likely to increase storm surge from warmer waters

Arctic Ocean warming is likely to exacerbate the effects of extreme weather events, according to an international study that shows how the world is entering a period of more extreme weather.

Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme events around the globe, and scientists say that could lead to more intense storms, more extreme waves, and more dangerous weather events.

“It’s not just that storms are getting bigger, but the extreme weather we see in the Arctic has become much more frequent,” said James Wilson, a climate scientist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The study, which was published in the journal Nature Climate Change, found that the frequency of storms has increased from about a third of the past century to about 20 percent today, according the Associated Press.

In addition, storms are more likely to produce rainfall and hail, with storms more likely in warm, wet areas and rainfall more likely during the subtropical region.

“We’re seeing the effects in a much more dramatic way now than we did a few decades ago,” Wilson said.

“This is not a natural thing.

The last few decades of research have shown that the climate is changing.

The warming is making things worse.”

The study was conducted by scientists from five countries, including Britain, Germany, the U.S., Australia, and the Netherlands.

The researchers studied a database of more than 2 million storm surge records from a variety of locations in Europe and the Arctic.

The researchers focused on three factors that they said contributed to the warmer weather: warmer ocean waters, which have increased storm surge, more storms in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and increased Arctic ice, which is melting faster in the summer months.

Wilson said the study found that a combination of factors, including ocean warming and more frequent storms, are likely to contribute to the increase in storm surge.

“The warmer ocean water, which has been increasing the amount of storm surge over the past few decades, has also contributed to this warming of the Arctic,” Wilson told The Associated Press in a phone interview.

Wilson and his colleagues said that the increased storm surges are likely due to an increase in the amount and intensity in the sea surface temperature.

That warmer water also has increased the amount in the air and on land that is absorbed by storm surge and storm surge surges, which creates more storm surge than a warmer ocean, Wilson said in a telephone interview.

“In fact, we are seeing an increase of storm surges in the North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, and we’re seeing a dramatic increase in coastal flooding,” he said.

Wilson also said that changes in wind patterns over the last few years are causing storms to move farther inland and more rapidly.

That makes it harder for the warm water to soak up the heat from the warmer air, making the storm surge increase more pronounced.

“That’s probably one of the reasons that we’re having more storms than we’ve had in the past,” Wilson added.

In the Arctic, the study said that Arctic sea ice is shrinking, with the loss of about one percent of its area each year, or about 60,000 square kilometers.

The shrinking ice is likely due in part to the melting of the sea ice cap, which also makes the sea more prone to sea level rise.

The report also found that climate change is changing weather patterns in the Southern Hemisphere, which may make it more likely for extreme weather to occur in the region.

This could make it easier for a storm to develop in the area, the researchers said.

The research is part of a broader effort by scientists to better understand how climate change and the changes it is bringing about are affecting people’s lives.

Scientists have already begun to look at how climate changes might be affecting health and how those changes might impact people’s daily lives.

The United Nations climate change summit in Paris this year will include an effort to coordinate scientific work around the world, including on health and climate change.

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