French government to ban TPS and EDF from energy supply

French government to ban TPS and EDF from energy supply

Enlarge/ The Netherlands is one of the EU’s biggest energy suppliers.

(AFP/Getty Images) Enlarge / A Dutch government study says the country is one the EUs biggest energy producers.

(AP) Enlargement photo/ The Dutch government is planning to ban three major European energy suppliers from their energy supply.

A report published Tuesday by the Dutch Environment Agency says that the government will ban the energy supply of three companies for their role in creating and maintaining high levels of toxic emissions and air pollution.

The companies are TPS, EDF and Veolia.

The agency says that these companies will be forced to take significant measures to reduce their pollution levels, including closing plants, halting work or reducing the use of air pollution products.

It is also proposing that the countries use more than 10% of their energy by 2050.

The report also states that the three companies are among the top 10 suppliers of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, with a combined emissions rate of almost 6.5 million tons of CO2e per year.

The three companies have all recently faced regulatory action in the Netherlands.

Last year, the government announced it would impose a moratorium on all major gas-fired power plants by 2030, and also imposed a ban on diesel engines.

However, that action was later blocked by a court order, so the ban has not yet been enforced.

TPS has been fined over €1.3 billion by the EU and has agreed to pay €1 billion to the EU to resolve environmental concerns.

TPG, which owns EDF, was also fined over a similar amount.

Veolia was fined over £1.7 billion in 2015, and has been ordered to pay the EU more than £1 billion.

Veera is currently under investigation by the European Commission over its handling of its environmental compliance.

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