How to remove the ‘environment’ from the new government-backed government-funded energy plan

A group of environmental activists have released a new proposal to amend the government-sponsored Renewable Energy Regulator (RE) bill.The new plan, which was released on Thursday, would make the Regulator responsible for determining if the proposed renewable energy scheme is in the public interest and how it would benefit the economy and environment.It is a proposal which would also require […]

How to protect Michigan’s environment from fracking

In a state where fracking is the largest energy source, a growing number of residents are questioning whether they can breathe air with the chemicals used to extract the gas.A state law enacted last year requires local governments to set up and maintain monitoring stations to monitor and document the state’s fracking activity.The new law also allows local governments the […]

How to Protect Your Environment: Video from Grenada Environment Protection Clipart

Posted September 13, 2018 10:25:06 The Grenada government has released the first video in a series of public events aimed at educating citizens about the challenges they face in protecting the environment in the country.The video, which was created by the Grenada Government’s Environment Protection Committee, will be released on Wednesday, September 18.It was produced by the government’s Environment and […]

What do you need to know about the ‘environment protection’ surcharge

TechRadars article What are the environmental protection surcharges?In a nutshell, the Environment Protection surcharge was introduced in December 2014 to help fund projects to protect the environment.The Environmental Protection surcharges are intended to be paid on a per capita basis, which means a higher tax is applied on higher-income households.In 2017, the government introduced a tax of 3.75 per cent […]

Why do Trump’s EPA nominees oppose the agency’s environmental protection laws?

The Trump administration has nominated dozens of nominees to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but a growing number of them have also come out against protecting the nation’s environmental laws and regulations.Many of those nominees have ties to coal mining companies, and some have also expressed support for the fossil fuel industry.Trump has proposed a broad slate of EPA […]

How to help your children’s schools avoid costly environmental pollution sentence

A sentence that says: “Do not allow the public to see the water sources and the pollution.”A few months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency put the word “environment” in bold letters on a school playground.But when we spoke with a school official who was responsible for the wording, we got an unexpected message: “You’re not going to get this,” the […]

France commits to protecting environment as it continues to fight climate change

FRANCE — French President Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday that his government will commit to protecting the environment and would seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect forests, wetlands and coastal waters from erosion and sea level rise.Macron will unveil the new climate plan at a press conference Wednesday at the Elysee Palace in Paris, the official French news agency, […]

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