Which state laws are protecting you from the effects of climate change?

Which state laws are protecting you from the effects of climate change?

The states that are affected by climate change are the ones that are in the most vulnerable, according to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a nonprofit environmental advocacy group. 

The report also highlights that many of these states are located in regions that have been hit hardest by the effects, such as the East Coast, Southeast, Midwest, and Plains. 

For example, states that have experienced the most severe impacts from climate change, such the Northeast and West, have seen the most declines in their native wildlife, according the NRDC. 

Additionally, the report notes that many states have laws that make it difficult for states to address the impact of climate changes. 

States that have not been impacted by climate changes have been able to enact climate change policies, but these policies have largely been ineffectual, according the NRDC report. 

In fact, the states that were hardest hit by climate impacts during the last decade are in many cases in the midst of a budget crisis. 

So the states should be prepared to respond to the impacts of climate disruption, and that means taking the right steps to protect our environment and wildlife. 

Here are the ten states that stand to benefit most from climate disruption.1.

HawaiiThe Hawaiian Islands are one of the least vulnerable regions to climate change impacts, according NRDC’s analysis. 

Hawaii, a state that has been experiencing drought and flooding for several years, recently experienced a severe wildfire outbreak that destroyed more than 30,000 homes. 

According to the NRC report, the state is also in the middle of a funding crisis due to the economic downturn, and the state legislature has been unable to address concerns about funding. 

But as the NRCC explains, the Hawaii government is well equipped to address these issues. 

As the state’s Chief Engineer, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) has a team of over 100 employees that are trained to respond to disasters and to prepare for emergencies. 

“The DLNR’s disaster response team responds to the highest priority disasters in accordance with the state and federal disaster planning standards,” according to the DLNR website. 

When a disaster does occur, the DLRF is also able to immediately provide a comprehensive, coordinated response. 

And according to Gov.

David Ige, the response team has a “very good understanding” of the impacts on the Hawaiian Islands and other parts of the world, including how to manage natural resources and the impacts caused by climate disruption and climate change. 


Alaska Alaska has experienced severe climate change-related droughts, floods, and wildfires in recent years, according a study published by the University of Alaska Anchorage (UA) last year. 

While the drought in Alaska has caused significant damage to the environment, it has also caused significant economic losses and the loss of millions of jobs. 

To mitigate the damage caused by these extreme weather events, the UA has been investing in climate adaptation and mitigation technologies. 

Specifically, the university has been studying how the human and environmental impacts of extreme weather can be mitigated through the development of technologies to help mitigate and adapt to the extreme weather event. 


New ZealandThe state of New Zealand has seen its sea level rise by about one meter per year since the start of the 20th century, according an analysis published by the University of Otago. 

New Zealand has also experienced a major drought that has left the country with some of the highest average temperatures in the world. 

Climate change has caused a number of devastating floods, including one that destroyed nearly 30,00 homes in 2011. 

However, the researchers found that while the drought was not as severe as some other areas, the impact was still significant. 

Since then, the region has seen a number of extreme weather incidents and disasters that have caused significant loss of life. 


OregonThe state has experienced extreme rainfall in recent decades, which has caused severe flooding in Oregon, according another study published by Oregon State University. 

Scientists have been monitoring the extreme rainfall events in Oregon for decades, and have seen that they have had an impact on the environment. 

These extreme events have caused some of Oregon’s largest floods in recent memory, including an extremely heavy rain that killed two people in 2014. 


WashingtonThe state is home to the largest population of people living in the Cascade Range of the Cascade Mountains, which is located at the eastern edge of the Washington state, according Toakomai University. 

 As a result, the area is home for the most wildlife in the state, including grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions, and bald eagles. 

Environmental impacts are also an issue in the area, as climate change is projected to make it more difficult for the state to retain wildlife species. 


IdahoThe Idaho State University (ISU) has been working to mitigate the impacts that climate change will

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