Hillary Clinton’s VP pick could face backlash over $3.4 million in travel bill

Hillary Clinton’s VP pick could face backlash over $3.4 million in travel bill

The Hillary Clinton campaign is facing backlash over a $3 million expense bill for her daughter Chelsea’s trip to Hawaii.

The Democratic National Committee filed a complaint Monday with the FEC over the expense, which was paid by an international travel company called Expedia.

It was paid to fly the elder Clinton to Hawaii, and then she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, spent time with the children and grandchildren of Hawaii’s residents, according to the complaint.

The campaign said it paid for the trip with funds raised by the DNC’s fundraising committee, which the campaign has said is unaffiliated with the campaign.

The DNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokeswoman for the FEC told CNNMoney that the complaint is “unfounded” and the FEC is reviewing the complaint and investigating.

Expedia did not respond to multiple requests for comment by press time.

In the complaint, the DNC said the Clinton campaign’s use of the company was “disregarding” the FEC’s travel rules.

The Clinton campaign said the trip was reimbursed, but the FEC said that’s not accurate.

The FEC has a longstanding history of criticizing political campaigns for their use of travel expenses.

In April, for example, the FEC sent a letter to the Clinton camp asking it to stop using a company called Travelocity, which is owned by Democratic donors, to reimburse them for trips.

The FEC also sent a subpoena to the campaign seeking records on the amount of travel costs paid to the campaigns by Travelocity.

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