How to stop your kids from getting sick in Guatemala

How to stop your kids from getting sick in Guatemala

How to Stop Your Kids From Getting Sick in Guatemala (This article)A report by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in September 2015 on Guatemala’s environmental risks said that of the 20,000 cases of diarrhoea reported annually in Guatemala, almost 3,500 occur in children under five years of age.

It noted that most of these cases are linked to contaminated drinking water and food.

A recent investigation by the New York Times revealed that many of the cases of diarrhea are not due to exposure to unsafe water sources, but instead, are due to inadequate sanitation practices.

According to the WHO, diarrhea in Guatemala can be caused by many different types of diarrheal illnesses, including gastroenteritis, foodborne illness, acute respiratory infections, and urinary tract infections.

The EPA said that in Guatemala it is not clear whether or not the outbreak of gastroenteromyelitis, or EV-D68, is related to drinking water.

The WHO said that there is insufficient information on the origin of EV-B68 in Guatemala and the number of cases.

The WHO said it is also not clear how many cases may be due to the spread of EV.

It is important to note that the outbreak is not being caused by the ingestion of contaminated drinking or utensils, which is what is causing the outbreaks.

The CDC reported that EV-68 was first detected in Guatemala in February, and that by the end of March it had spread to nearly 3,000 homes and public areas.

The outbreak in Guatemala has spread to all of the country’s 17 provinces and cities.

According the EPA, in March, the government issued a public health alert in seven states in the northern region of Guatemala, warning residents not to drink or use contaminated water.

The government also issued a “zero-tolerance” policy for anyone suspected of spreading EV-E68.

However, the public health advisory is being withdrawn, as the outbreak has now become the countrys largest public health problem, according to the EPA.

The CDC also reported that it has collected data on 5,700 cases of gastroentomy infections in Guatemala.

According that the WHO says there is no evidence that drinking water contamination causes gastroenteromatous illness.

However, the WHO said the “low water level of drinking water” could pose a “major public health risk to vulnerable populations.”

In its report on the outbreak, the EPA said the outbreak could be caused not only by the presence of EV, but also the “uncontrolled spread of microorganisms, the emergence of biofilms, and contamination of drinking supplies.”

The WHO recommends that governments improve water quality, particularly in urban areas.

It said it also recommends that water-borne diseases be identified early, as it is possible that the infection rate in some areas may not be due solely to water contamination.

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