How to Protect Your Environment in Michigan

How to Protect Your Environment in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has issued a new guide for Michigan homeowners about protecting their homes and property against environmental damage, including the effects of the state’s new Clean Water Act.

The new guide was developed in conjunction with the Michigan Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA), and the DEQ is the lead agency.

Michigan is the first state in the nation to issue a “Clean Water Act” checklist that outlines a wide range of protections and protections for water and air, land, and other resources.

The guide provides homeowners and property owners a checklist for how to protect their water, air, and land resources from pollution, pollution-related health impacts, and toxic releases.

The checklist is based on the Michigan Clean Water Protection Act, which was passed by the state legislature in 2020.

It was designed to address water pollution in the state, but it was later expanded to include environmental protection as well.

Michigan’s new guide includes information on how to apply for a water quality permit, what protections to take into account when purchasing and maintaining a property, and what to do if your home or property is damaged by pollution.

The EPA has a website that provides detailed information about the Clean Water Acts.

The Michigan EPA also recently released an interactive map of the Clean Energy Standard, which covers energy and environmental issues.

You can find that map here.

What is the EPA’s role in protecting Michigan’s environment?

The Michigan Environmental Justice Program works closely with state, local, tribal, and federal agencies to help protect and preserve Michigan’s natural and cultural resources, including its natural resources, wildlife, forests, wetlands, water bodies, and watersheds.

The Environmental Protection Division (EPA) plays a key role in enforcing environmental laws and regulations, and helping to enforce the federal Clean Water and Toxic Substances Control Act (CWS) to protect Michigan’s water, wetlands and other natural resources.

To learn more about Michigan’s environmental protection efforts, visit the EPA website.

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