The Environment Protection Act 2013 is a total disaster

The Environment Protection Act 2013 is a total disaster

A recent study has shown that the current Environment Protection (Protection) Act 2013 has been the worst of all federal environmental laws in Australia.

The report from the Centre for Law, Environment and Democracy (CLEED) found that despite this, only 2.6 per cent of the legislation has actually been implemented, despite being promised to by the government.

“There is no effective implementation of the laws,” said CLEED executive director, Richard Tinsley.

It’s a complete disaster.” “

The law has failed and the parliament has failed.

It’s a complete disaster.”

“There’s no effective execution of the Environment Protection Acts in this country,” Mr Tinsler said.

“It’s like a complete failure.”

CLEED also found that almost 90 per cent were not enforced against pollution, while only 8 per cent provided for environmental protection as a priority, and only 8.5 per cent covered the impacts of pollution.

A review of the law by the Law Commission of Australia found that it did not contain adequate penalties for violations.

“If the Government were serious about protecting the environment, it would implement the environmental laws as they’re written and make them as strong as possible,” said Mr Tinley.

The Law Commission’s report found that the law did not provide adequate penalties and did not adequately address the impacts on communities.

“Despite the fact that many environmental laws are in breach of their objectives, there is very little oversight,” said Cleed executive director Richard Torsley.

Mr Torsler also said that the Law Reform Commission (LRCC) was investigating whether environmental protection laws should be strengthened to ensure they are more consistent and enforceable.

“Given the number of failures in the law, there should be a strong and robust environment protection law,” he said.

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