Lithuania’s environment protection unit ‘has the power to protect the environment’, Environment Minister says

Lithuania’s environment protection unit ‘has the power to protect the environment’, Environment Minister says

LITHUANIA, Lithuania — Lithuania’s Environment Protection Unit has the power “to protect the national environment,” Environment Minister Janos Dabrowski said Wednesday, saying the unit has “the power to restore biodiversity, protect our water supply and protect our soil.”

Dabbowski’s comments came during an interview with RTS, an online news portal of Lithuanian television broadcaster RTL TV.

“In Lithuania, we are a national land, but we are also a nation, and this is a nation that belongs to all of us,” Dabulski said.

“We have a duty to protect our environment.

It’s a national obligation.

And we have the power of protecting the environment.”

Dabski was speaking during an event sponsored by RTL, in which the minister talked about the role of the Environment Protection and Forestry Department (EPA) and the role it plays in the government’s environmental policies.

Dabramski said the EPA had a lot of responsibility in protecting the country’s environment.

“I would like to say that the EPA is in charge of everything.

In the environment, in agriculture, in industry, in the public sector, it has all the responsibilities,” he said.

He also mentioned the EPA’s new strategy for the conservation of the environment in Lithuania, including the importance of protecting biodiversity.

“This strategy has a lot to do with the conservation and the protection of the natural environment,” Dabsinski said.

Dabsinskis government has been fighting the EU’s environmental directives for some time, arguing that they will harm the countrys economy and cause it to lose its status as a “third world” country.

The Lithuanian government has repeatedly complained about the directives, which it claims could lead to the disappearance of some of the countryns natural resources.

Dabowski also said that the EU directive, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 25 percent by 2050, will only benefit big companies, rather than Lithuanians.

“The directive is not for Lithuania,” Daboksis government said in an official statement earlier this month.

“It is for all European countries and not for us.

It is for the EU.

It was designed to benefit companies from around the world.

It does not affect the country.”

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