How to Protect Your Bike from Bicycle Predators

How to Protect Your Bike from Bicycle Predators

We’ve all heard the story of a rider getting lost in the woods, only to find a mountain lion lurking just out of sight.

But what if you don’t have the time to trek across the trail to reach the nearest mountain lion?

Here are a few tips to make sure your bike is safe when you’re hiking in the wilderness.


Make sure your GPS and Bluetooth device are always on Your bike is an incredible resource for spotting mountain lions.

With a GPS and a smartphone app, you can stay on the lookout for wildlife and other wildlife.

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor GPS, you should also use it for spotting predators.

The more accurate your GPS is, the more accurate you can be.

The best way to ensure you’re always up to date is to set up a daily update of your GPS with your phone.

Once your update is complete, you’ll know where the mountain lion is and where you’re headed.

When you’re not looking for a predator, just make sure you’re wearing your best hiking gear and that you have your phone handy to make an alert whenever you encounter a mountain or animal.


Check your trail and make sure the trail isn’t too dangerous For any trails or pathways, it’s important to make your way safely.

Many trails have signage warning that it’s dangerous, so make sure to take extra precautions if you’re going to hike in the mountains.

Make your way to your car, park in a public space, or keep a distance of at least three meters from any trail.

For those who want to hike alone, you might want to consider hiking in a group.

If there are other hikers in the group, they should also make sure that their group’s route is safe for them.

If your group is large, the odds are that they have more resources to use than you do, so be sure to stay alert.


Be careful when hiking on the trails If you hike alone in the park, you have the ability to stay safely on the trail.

In some areas, you may have more protection.

If not, keep an eye on the wildlife you’re following and make a plan for your trip.

When the trail is dry, you won’t have to worry about getting lost and getting stuck on rocks, rocks or other obstacles.

You can also leave your phone at home and not worry about your phone getting lost or stolen, which is especially important if you choose to hike with a group of friends.

If the trail becomes too difficult or dangerous for you to hike, use a flashlight to look for the trail and follow it.

If all else fails, use your cellphone for navigation.

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