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When the new Ghostbusters arrives, you’ll want to have a picture with it.

When the new Ghostbusters arrives, you’ll want to have a picture with it.

The new Ghostbusters reboot opens in theaters on November 5.

In the meantime, here are eight things you should know about the new movie.1.

The new film is an all-new story set in the 1980s.

In addition to introducing our beloved Ghostbusters, the movie will also introduce a new cast of characters and revisit the iconic Ghostbusters logo and logo that debuted in 1984.

The Ghostbusters are the original, world-famous Ghostbusters, which debuted in the first Ghostbusters film.2.

There will be no time travel or alternate dimensions.

In fact, it’s the only way to go back to the time when the Ghostbusters were first created.

The film will not contain time travel, as that would violate the laws of physics.

It will simply be time travel.3.

The title of the film is “The Ghostbusters.”

The title is a reference to a famous line from Ghostbusters II: The Final Cut: “The ghost is always with us.”

The word “ghost” refers to the idea of ghosts, which also refers to time, space and the physical universe.4.

There is a new story behind the ghost that you might not be familiar with.

The original story in the original Ghostbusters film centers on a mysterious ghost that haunts the house in which the Ghostbusters first meet.

In Ghostbusters III: The New Adventures, the ghost, nicknamed “Ghostface,” takes on a different identity and moves into the house.5.

The plotline centers around the ghost’s love interest, Mary Margaret.

In that original story, Mary Louise is the one who comes to love the ghost after a long time, and her efforts are rewarded when she meets the ghost again in Ghostbusters IV: The Video Game.

In Ghostbusters II, Mary, a widowed mother of three, is a ghost-hunting instructor.

In Ghosts, she discovers that she has a twin sister, Mary Catherine.

Mary Catherine’s husband, Mr. Venkman, who had been living in her house, also comes to the house and learns that his wife’s ghost is haunting the house again.6.

Ghostbusters III, a remake of the original film, will introduce the world to the Ghostbusters.

According to the movie’s official description, “The Ghostbusters are back.”

The Ghostbusters will return as members of the International Association of Ghostbusters, and they will be joined by the New Ghostbusters in the sequel.7.

The “Ghostbusters” logo is an homage to the iconic 1980s logo.

In an interview with IGN, writer and producer Chris Miller said, “We were looking at the iconic ‘Ghostbusters’ logo.

That was the icon of the 1980-81 decade, that was the ’80s.

So we wanted to go forward with something that was timeless and recognizable.

We wanted something that represented the original franchise, the ‘Ghosts’ logo.”8.

The cast of the Ghostbusters will be the original cast.

The first four actors who played the Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd, Leslie Jones, Aykry and Paul Feig, will return to their roles.

Aykrry will be played by Harold Ramis.

Ramis was originally cast as Harold’s father, Bill Murray.

Rames is not only known for playing the title role of the character in The Wizard of Oz, but he also played the father of the young Ghostbusters, in Ghostbusters II.

Ramies’ character in Ghostbusters III will be named “Ghostbusting.”

He will be voiced by Mike Myers.

Ayksery is playing a new character, the Ghostbuster’s son, “Ghostboy,” who will be portrayed by Kevin Kline.

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