Hillary Clinton: Trump is ‘out of touch with the American people’ on environment

Hillary Clinton: Trump is ‘out of touch with the American people’ on environment

By Caroline CopleyPublished Mar 09, 2019 06:31:20The former US president has been criticised by environmental groups over her decision to back President Donald Trump’s proposed carbon tax as it threatens to undermine the nation’s ability to meet the Paris climate accord.

Key points:Hillary Clinton says the President’s plan to protect the environment will ‘cost jobs’The President’s carbon tax has been described as a “job killer” by the UN’s climate chiefIvanka Trump, wife of US President Donald Trumps daughter, says the US is “out of sync” with the global communityIvanka said the climate was “one of the most important issues facing the planet”She also said the US has “overreacted” to the Paris accord, adding that “the United States is a country that’s out of sync with the rest of the world.”

The US is currently working on a plan to tackle climate change, with its first major action on the issue due to take place on Thursday.

But the President is planning to unveil his own carbon tax proposal on Friday, and is expected to sign it before then.

The plan, which will be made public next week, would impose a tax of around $50 per tonne on CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.

Under his plan, all of the money from the tax would go towards infrastructure, but would not be used for other purposes.

“If you look at how the US and the rest are doing in terms of climate action, they are going backwards,” Ms Trump told ABC News in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

“I think there is a disconnect between the climate we have, and the actions we’re taking.”

We are the only major country in the world that has not been able to meet [Paris] and that is out of touch.”‘

The world is on the edge’President Donald Trump said the United States will soon release its first comprehensive climate change plan in December, and said it would “protect the environment and our people”.”

We have the best plan in the history of the United State, which I will give you, but it will be released very soon, we will be releasing it in December,” Mr Trump said during an appearance on ABC’s This Week.”

And we will have an all-out attack on climate change.

We will have a big attack on the carbon tax, which is an all of our money will go towards our infrastructure, we’ll have a plan on how to combat climate change.”‘

It’s a big deal’The US president said his carbon tax would save “millions of jobs” and would make the country “a better place to live and work”.”

I’m really proud of it, and I will be announcing it in the next two weeks,” he said.”

It’s going to be a big, big deal for our country.”‘

Trump is out-of-touch’The former first lady, US senator and secretary of state, said the President was “out-of touch” with “the American people”.

She said the plan was a “political stunt” that was “not going to work”.

She told ABC’s Good Morning America: “It’s not going to create jobs.

It’s not a plan that works.

It is a political stunt that will not get us to the goal of fighting climate change that we have set out.

“The Trump administration has said the carbon pricing plan will be announced by the end of the month.

But Ms Trump said that was too late, and that the President had already signed his own plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions.”

The President signed his plan yesterday,” she said.

Ms Clinton, who was secretary of the Department of State in the Obama administration, also weighed in on Mr Trump’s climate plan, telling CNN’s State of the Union that the plan will “cost jobs”.”

It is going to cost jobs and it is going of course to cost the US economy,” she added.”

There is a lot of uncertainty with the President.

We don’t know if he is going, or if he won’t be.

We know what he said about the Paris agreement, but we don’t have the details yet.””

But we know that he is making decisions that will hurt the American workers,” she told the US broadcaster.”

That is going against the interests of American workers.

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