Trump’s new EPA chief wants to block coal plants

Trump’s new EPA chief wants to block coal plants

The Trump administration’s new director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, wants to take a tougher line on coal plants that emit more carbon dioxide and methane, a warming gas that is often blamed for warming the planet.

Pruitt will push to ban the use of existing coal-fired power plants as well as new ones that burn natural gas.

The goal of the rule is to help slow the spread of the warming-causing gases into the atmosphere, which have a devastating effect on public health.

“The EPA is committed to working with states, communities and industry to achieve the most sustainable and efficient energy solutions,” Pruitt wrote in a memo announcing his hiring.

“States are the engine of economic growth and economic growth must be driven by innovation and economic opportunity, and not by dirty energy.

To this end, we will prioritize the creation of new coal- and natural gas-fired generating plants.”

Trump announced the new EPA head on Thursday.

He named Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the new director, replacing Oklahoma Attorney Generals Scott Pruitt and Don Guthrie.

The move comes after months of pressure on the Trump administration from environmental activists and the coal industry.

Trump has been criticized for his repeated attacks on the coal sector, which he said in a 2015 interview he wanted to end.

Trump and his administration have been under fire for the lack of climate action by the White House and from the scientific community.

“I would just like to tell the coal miners and miners in general that if you’re going to do something to stop climate change, stop the burning of coal, and stop the climate crisis, you’re not going to get much help from the president,” Pruitt told the Journal.

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