How the Bears’ ‘B’ team is preparing for the draft

How the Bears’ ‘B’ team is preparing for the draft

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman is in a bind, given his team’s draft position.

If he keeps the same three starting quarterbacks, he’ll need to make a move, and Trestmann has been very vocal in his criticism of the Bears organization.

But if he keeps three of the same starters in 2018, he could be forced to make some serious moves.

In fact, the Bears may have to trade their two most talented players, cornerback Marcus Cooper and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.

The Bears could also use help in the backfield.

Jeffery, a third-round pick, was the NFL’s leading rusher last season and was a Pro Bowl finalist.

Cooper is one of the best backs in the draft, and the Bears could use a big-play threat like Jeffery to run the ball in the passing game.

Jeffery has a strong arm and is a great route runner.

Cooper has a solid body, but he’s still learning the nuances of the NFL.

Cooper can be an asset in the short passing game, but the Bears don’t need to use him in that role.

The Packers have two first-round picks in the 2018 draft, so they might be able to get something done for the Bears.

The Packers have three first-rounder picks in this year’s draft, including two picks in round two.

The Bears should target one of those picks.

The Green Bay Packers have four picks in 2018: two in round one, two in the second round, and one in the third round.

They have two more picks in 2020.

The Rams, meanwhile, have five picks in 2019, including three in round four.

The Rams have a chance to add another quarterback to their offensive line this year, but if they do, they may have some concerns with Cooper and Jeffery being so similar.

The Steelers have two picks and four players in 2018.

They also have a third pick in the 2019 draft.

The Bucs have five players in the 2020 draft, four in round five, and two in a third round draft.

The Titans have two pick and two players in this draft.

They could use both of those selections in round three.

The Texans have three picks in 2021.

The Jaguars have two in 2018 and three in 2019.

The Falcons have one in 2019 and two more in 2020, plus two more first- and second-rounders in round six.

The Dolphins have three in 2021, including a second-rounder in the first round in round seven.

The Browns have two and a second in 2021 and 2019.

The Colts have three selections in 2020 and one each in 2021 (first-rounder), 2021 (second-rounder) and 2019 (third-rounder).

The Bengals have four in 2021 with three in the round two draft.

Their only picks are in round 3, so their picks in 2022 and 2024 are still on the board.

The Chiefs have four selections in 2021 in round 1 and four in the 2021 draft.

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