Fox Sports: Trump could sign ‘biggest deal’ on offshore oil and gas exploration

Fox Sports: Trump could sign ‘biggest deal’ on offshore oil and gas exploration

Fox Sports has reported that President Donald Trump could put a major deal on the table to get a major piece of oil and natural gas drilling done off the Atlantic coast.

Fox Sports sources say the deal could be worth anywhere from $1 billion to $2 billion.

The article also reported that the deal has been “quietly discussed” by both the Trump administration and the State Department.

It is unclear if the president will take action on this deal in the next week or two.

The State Department confirmed to Fox Sports that the president is considering this deal.

“The administration is actively considering a deal to bring offshore drilling to America’s coastlines,” said a State Department spokesperson.

The Trump administration has been looking to move forward on an offshore drilling deal and other potential oil and environmental deals for some time now.

Earlier this year, Trump said he would approve an offshore oil drilling deal with Saudi Arabia in a deal that would bring $200 billion in new drilling.

A Trump administration spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News: The President has been actively considering whether to pursue a new deal for offshore oil production and drilling for many months and is working closely with the State, Department of Energy, and other agencies on the details of a potential agreement.

The deal could also include a lease to operate in a new and separate federal marine environment.

In addition to the potential deal to drill in a federal marine ecosystem, the State Dept. told Fox News the Trump-led administration could also explore a deal with a private company that wants to drill on private lands.

This could include leases on federal lands in Texas and other states, or leasing the federal lands to a private entity that would then drill for oil and lease it back to the federal government.

The department said the Trump team is “committed to continuing the exploration of the American offshore oil resources for economic development and national security.”

The department is working with several state and local governments to develop the plan, and the Department of Defense is also working with the Trump transition team on the plan.

“Our national security and economic interests are closely aligned, and we are excited to work with our partners in the Trump Administration and with Congress to address the challenges facing our nation’s oceans,” the State Departments spokesperson said.

The move would mark the first time a federal government official has spoken out about a potential offshore oil deal.

In August, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced that the Trump Ocean Energy plan would include a leasing plan for federal waters off the coast of New York.

Zinke told reporters that a $250 billion lease would allow the federal Navy to drill offshore on federal waters.

In June, Zinke said that the plan would “address some of the concerns that people have had.”

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