Why are people still trying to kill fish?

Why are people still trying to kill fish?

The Trump administration has ordered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to review the use of the term “protected environment” in an effort to “address the negative impact of the proposed changes.”

The change comes after an environmental group called Protect Our Aquaculture said in a statement on Monday that the Fish and Conservation Service should reconsider its current definition of protected environment and the “excessive and unnecessary use of protected environmental terms.”

In a statement, the group said it believes that the current definition is too narrow and that it is important to clarify the protections that the agency provides for fish habitat, migratory birds, and other species.

“While we agree that fish habitat must be protected, we believe that we should also protect migratory species and other wildlife, as well as protect the environment and ecosystem as a whole,” the statement said.

“The definition of a protected environment that the FWS has adopted is outdated and needs to be revisited.”

The agency has said that the “conservation of fish habitat is a critical component of maintaining healthy ecosystems.”

Fish and wildlife officials have said that in some areas, fish can be found in areas where they are not supposed to be.

Fish and wildlife groups are urging the Fish & Wildlife Service not to use the term to justify its continued use of a term that has no scientific basis.

A spokesman for the agency said that Fish & Water Conservation Services “has always used the term protected environment in its publications and statements.”

The new guidelines, which were issued last week, come after an Environmental Protection Agency review of the federal government’s definition of what constitutes a protected area in the United States.

The review was prompted by a lawsuit filed by Protect Our Ocean, an environmental nonprofit, which argues that the definition of “protected environmental area” is too vague and ignores the fact that fish, birds, other wildlife and people are often found in that area.

The Fish and Water Conservation Service was created in 1946 and has a statutory mandate to manage more than 40 million acres of the nation’s waters, including the vast majority of the United State’s streams and rivers.

Fish & Food Services is the agency’s chief financial officer.

A spokesperson for the Fish&Food Services told CBS News that the new guidelines will be updated “as needed.”

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