What is your protection plan?

The job protection portal of the world’s largest advertising network has been compromised, according to a report by security firm FireEye.The attack is being investigated as part of a wider probe of a cyber-attack that compromised the network’s security, according an article published by cybersecurity firm FireEagle.FireEye’s report, which said it was based on “multiple, unverified and unverified sources”, also […]

What the EPA says about the Clean Power Plan and other climate change issues

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it won’t enforce any new rules on coal burning until the federal government can show it can provide a “sound and adequate scientific basis” for its decision. The statement issued Thursday by Acting Administrator Lisa Jackson, who oversees the agency, comes after the agency announced last week that it would impose limits on the use […]

‘A good sign’ for Trump: More than 5,000 have signed an online petition to protect Trump’s ‘A Good Sign’

Now Playing: Melania Trump and Barron Trump are not your typical couple Now Playing ‘This is a new era’: Melania Trump on her first visit to the White House Now Playing Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner are ‘not your typical dad’ Now Playing Former Miss USA contestant reveals she had sex with Trump Now Playing The Trump family ‘has changed […]

‘Biggest threat to U.S. cybersecurity is cyberwar’: Experts report | WSJ

In the wake of the Sony hack, President Donald Trump tweeted his support for a cybersecurity bill that would make it easier for companies to share information about cyber threats.But while the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report is expected to recommend new cybersecurity legislation, it is far from certain the White House will endorse it.Trump’s tweets and the GOP-led House are […]

How to be a better employee at Microsoft

Microsoft is facing increasing pressure to improve employee engagement and retention amid a changing workforce, as more and more organizations face the challenge of increasing productivity and productivity growth while retaining the right to maintain a competitive edge.Microsoft’s Corporate Governance team recently released a new report titled “Leadership of Employees: Creating the Right Environment for Success.”The report focuses on Microsoft’s […]

Which are the best apps to protect your environment?

Enlarge/ What are the biggest threats to your environment today?Enlarge / With more and more data being collected about your behaviour online, companies are beginning to develop more secure applications to manage their data.Here are some of the best tools available today that help protect your data. Enlarge  Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge  The Guardian  Enlarge The Guardian Enlarge The […]

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