Rubio, Sen. Cruz, others call for environmental protections in environment

In a speech to the National Governors Association on Thursday, Sen, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and others called for an environmental protection agenda in the nation’s capital, where they want to work with federal lawmakers to advance legislation.The bill, which would protect waterways and other natural areas from mining, oil and gas development, would also provide grants for environmental protection and […]

What do you need to know about the ‘environment protection’ surcharge

TechRadars article What are the environmental protection surcharges?In a nutshell, the Environment Protection surcharge was introduced in December 2014 to help fund projects to protect the environment.The Environmental Protection surcharges are intended to be paid on a per capita basis, which means a higher tax is applied on higher-income households.In 2017, the government introduced a tax of 3.75 per cent […]

How to help your children’s schools avoid costly environmental pollution sentence

A sentence that says: “Do not allow the public to see the water sources and the pollution.”A few months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency put the word “environment” in bold letters on a school playground.But when we spoke with a school official who was responsible for the wording, we got an unexpected message: “You’re not going to get this,” the […]

Why you should avoid using a mobile device to save time

Protecting the environment is essential to keeping the planet and people healthy.This is particularly true for vulnerable populations in low-lying areas, like the Philippines, where many people live in crowded, overburdened conditions.But mobile devices have the potential to disrupt our efforts to protect the environment, especially in regions with a high incidence of the diseases associated with human-caused global warming.The […]

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