MTV News: “Is this the world’s most polluted city?”

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How to manage your environment protection and get paid for it

A growing number of employers are adopting a new “environmental protection” business model that uses data analytics to assess the risk of an employee’s actions.Employers and regulators are increasingly relying on such business models to track and assess the health and welfare of their staff.But while employers have embraced data analytics for a number of reasons, they are not yet […]

New Study: It’s a lot more than the COVID-19 vaccine

“If you’re going to have a vaccine, you should do it correctly,” said Dr. James Kondraki, an infectious disease specialist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.“We’re still learning how to make it safe and effective, and we need to understand the mechanism of action of that vaccine.That means looking at all the other factors that could be influencing […]

How to be a better employee at Microsoft

Microsoft is facing increasing pressure to improve employee engagement and retention amid a changing workforce, as more and more organizations face the challenge of increasing productivity and productivity growth while retaining the right to maintain a competitive edge.Microsoft’s Corporate Governance team recently released a new report titled “Leadership of Employees: Creating the Right Environment for Success.”The report focuses on Microsoft’s […]

Home environment protection draw is up to 80 per cent cheaper than the market, report finds

Home environment Protection (HEP) is the government’s approach to protecting people’s homes from air pollution.HEP was introduced in the 1990s, and since then has evolved into a multi-pronged approach to dealing with air pollution and building resilience.But there are two key challenges facing the government: it needs to develop new and improved technology to combat air pollution, and it needs […]

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